Dieting Myths vs Dieting Facts: Debunking the Fairytales and Lies

14 Apr

Long before the inception of the internet people have always been passing along various health tips and remedies for a number of assorted health issues, allergies and ailments. This distribution of medicinal knowledge was passed from individual to individual via word of mouth and other less conventional means. Even though times have changed and communicative technology has evolved, one thing remains essentially the same: people are still sharing various health tips and remedies for a number of assorted health issues, allergies and ailments.

Now this is not to say that all of these tips are deceptions and lies; however, the majority are usually strange, bizarre and outright insane with numerous medical repercussions. There are far too many dieting facts today that have been tainted by myths and are leading people even further away from their fitness goal. So now that your interest has been piqued let’s take a look at some of the most predominant dieting myths that exist to this day.

Staying Clear of Sugar Is Enough To Help You Shed Those Extra Pounds

It sounds so simple when we choose to say it like that, doesn’t it? Certainly, it’s true that if you are making an effort to lose weight you should make an effort to avoid sugar in the form of treats, candies, snacks, sweets and chocolates.myths_diet_08 The caloric value of foods such as these are almost always extremely high and that coupled with sugar’s addictiveness means that you will eventually eat more than intended, taking in more calories than intended. Nevertheless, it is not as simple as just removing sugar from your diet. Even if you deprive your body of sugar, you can subsequently be taking in far too much junk foods, fried foods and fat filled foods rather than plain old healthy foods.

If you truly desire to maintain a healthy dieting regimen, then you should focus more on lessening your overall caloric consumption and not simply trying to get rid of all sugar (or all fat for that matter). Effectively managing your caloric consumption is one of the true methods of weight loss.

“Just Eat a Salad, You’ll Be Fine”

Sure that salad that you are eating tastes yummy; but just what is it made up it? Is it purely made up of wholesome vegetables and produce; or is it stuffed full of chunks of meat,cream dressing and pieces of cheese.

While this so-called salad can be considered healthy, it may have just as much calories as the typical meal, if not more. What does this mean? It means that this salad is not going to help you shed your weight and it’s probably not helping you maintain your figure as well.

If you are determined to continue eating salads then you should make sure that they are “real” salads that do not have any high calorie added extras. Get a real vegetable salad, add a few nuts and dress it with some natural olive oil. That is a real salad, a real way to maintain your figure and a real meal that can help with weight loss.

Restricting Carbohydrate Intake Is An Effective Way To Lose Weight

Cutting carbs actually provides some health benefits, it helps you lessen your carb intake (obviously); however, this does not mean that it will promote any sort of weight loss for your body. Some of the more popular diets that focus on cutting carbs are actually primarily intended for reducing blood sugar levels in the body (diets such as the Low Carb Diet and the Atkins Diet come to mind).

What many of these sources that are telling you about cutting carbs have probably failed to mention is the difference between simplediet_carbs_pasta_99 carbs and complex carbs. Cutting simple carbs is actually the more effective way of losing weight compared to say cutting out all carbs.

Simple carbs are, in essence, carbohydrates that consist of no supplementary nutrients or digestive enzymes with the carbs themselves. For this reason, these simple carbs will raise your blood sugar levels and do little else.

It is never recommended that you cut all carbs out of your diet (that is just insane) since this can lead to serious dieting problems and detrimental health issues. It is instead suggested that complex carbs are still made a part of your diet, this is better for your health and your weight loss goals.

Eating More Meals Throughout the Day Will Help You Lose Weight Faster

This is an odd statement that is both true and false concurrently; because of this it is often a grossly misinterpreted weight loss tip. If you eat smaller portions throughout the day then you are essentially compelling your body to burn more calories for the entire day, in turn stimulating the burning of fat.

If you however choose to consume a larger daily portion of calories than what your body can manage then you will effectively end up gaining more weight in the long run. If you choose to undergo this weight loss method then you should take extra care to eat “just” fewer calories than what your body actually needs and then follow up by burning more by exercising or simply keeping active.

If dividing these daily calories into half a dozen meals every day makes this regimen easier for you then by all means go right ahead. However, if your half a dozen meals ends up going over your caloric guidelines then you obviously won’t be losing any weight.

“Fiber, Fiber and More Fiber!”

Once the fiber craze swept through the fitness world it was never the same again, because of this it is now safe to assume that we have heard about the various fiber related weight loss benefits that various vegetables and fruits can bestow upon us.

But what exactly does fiber do? Fiber has the ability to absorb fats, cholesterol, sugar and various toxins within our bodies and helps us “flush” out our digestive system. With all of that being said, cramming your body full of fiber isn’t really doing wonders for your health and your weight loss goals apart from inflicting moderate to severe diarrhea on yourself.

For the average person, the recommended amount of fiber that you should be taking is somewhere around 40 grams (might be more or less based on yourweight, age, etc.).


When it comes to weight loss we can always expect that there are bound to be a few fallacious theories out there mixed in with the real weight loss truths and facts. This is not meant to be a deterrent to anyone who is looking to shed a few pounds or trim their waistline a bit, it is simply meant to be an eye opener that will urge you to keep informed as you steer through the twists and turns of dieting myths and dieting facts.

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