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Why Fruit Sugar is Good for You

12 Oct
good fruit sugars

As you’ve grown up, you’ve heard how good for you fruits and veggies are. And while vegetables are still considered to be the ultimate health food, fruit has become scrutinized by many people in the past few years because of how much sugar fruit contains. Who’s to blame for this? It may be due to […]

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Dieting Myths vs Dieting Facts: Debunking the Fairytales and Lies

14 Apr

Long before the inception of the internet people have always been passing along various health tips and remedies for a number of assorted health issues, allergies and ailments. This distribution of medicinal knowledge was passed from individual to individual via word of mouth and other less conventional means. Even though times have changed and communicative […]

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Carbohydrates: How to Get them and Their Uses.

13 Jan

The energy you need for living, and especially for exercising, can be broken down into three simple categories. These are fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. These are all important and we should have foods that contain each of the three. However, how much of each you need to consume, as well as the ratios can be […]

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